Dead of Summer

– A woman left alone in Morocco by her architect husband begins to lose her mind...

6.90 / 10
One Hour and 45 Minutes
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Ondata di calore
Dead of Summer
Dead of Summer (1970) - Also known as Ondata di calore

A woman left alone in Morocco by her architect husband begins to lose her mind.

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Dead of Summer (1970) - Trailer

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21 Mar 1970



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Joyce is the bored wife of an Italian architect in Morocco. They live there in a luxurious apartment but today she's all alone, since he's away on business. A heatwave causes her to sweat profusely, so she decides to take a bath and play with an ice cube naked. She notices men peeping on her through the window which disturbs her. While looking through her husband's stuff, she finds a blow up doll and curiously toys with her. She is later visited by a maid and they get the place ready for a party. A sand storm outside calms a bit, so Joyce decides to take a ride in her sports car to the beach and take a walk there. Her car get stuck in the sand and a local and his camel help. Back home, she listens to tapes her husband has made and watches TV. She sees her neighbors having sex through her window, which turns her on, so she tries to seduce a local boy outside of the building but he runs away in terror, which frustrates her. Her doctor visits her and takes her to see his clinic. She seems to be slowly unraveling psychologically.


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