Glasses That Suits Your Face Best
The choice of frame shape for your eyeglasses depends on your face shape

For those who do not have X-rays eyes or only have 20/20 vision, we will provide some serious personalized lenses, that is, AKA glasses. Glasses come in various shapes, colors, sizes and materials, so how do you know which one is best for you? We all know that glasses can enhance your face, so here is a guide on how to find glasses that fit your face shape.

First, look in the mirror. Use lipstick or eyeliner and don't forget to pull on your hair to define your face shape

Oh! Also, don't forget to wipe the glass after finishing.

My favorite way to deal with severe stained glass is to spray a little to clean the glass and then wipe it with old newspaper. After you have defined your face, go back and study the shape you just drew. What is the shape of your face? Is it rectangular? Oval? Rectangular diamond? painting? ring? heart? When you consider the shape of your face, the most interesting part comes: find a frame that fits the shape of your face. 

Assuming your chubby cheeks, smooth chin and forehead lines are proportional to the width and height, baby, you are a cute circle. To help increase facial expressions, look for glasses with strong angles or rectangular glasses. Therefore, when Harry Potter throws something at you, try to avoid wearing round glasses.

I mean the shape of your face is a square, not your personality. Believe it or not, your face is very stylish. A strong and beautiful face like yours will bring you softer and rounder glasses. Find the glasses on the nose. It will lengthen your face. This is to create balance on your face, which means avoiding narrow and thin frames.

You can play with the subtle functions of cat eyes and oval shapes. The sweeping frame helps to highlight the help bone. Try to avoid straightening the box to avoid protruding the width of your cheeks. Make her sensitive and shy.

This means you want to try bigger glasses, especially glasses that are wider than your face. Hope to find more and deeper circles. And try to avoid frames that are too small or too short.

Play with your facial features. Similar to a square face, try curly and oval glasses. Compared with the square shape of the face, the glasses are wider and more flattering. Compare your bold features to avoid rectangles.

Frameless tires will surprise you. Look for thin, light metal frames or clear plastic. Avoid using decorative or heavy glasses, as this may confuse your face. Your tires should soften your solid features, not put pressure on them. 

This means you need to check almost all tire shapes. So have fun and try it! All frames are perfect for you. To be honest, maybe not all... A simple rule to remember is that your characteristics are more angular and your glasses should be more sleek. Obviously, the rounder the feature, the more inclined the tire.

Put on the new glasses and you will feel and look like a new person. Depending on the light, my frame can put a shadow under my eyes, so hiding is very important to me. Use durable coated concealer to brighten your eyes. I use concealer here, I call it The Great Cover Up. It can almost cover my wandering eyes.

Now, I don’t know if this happens to you, but every time I wear too many masks, my eyelashes can be removed from the lenses. First, I use peach or rose gold to brighten the waterline. If you want your eyes to look fresher, try this look. And since I don't apply mascara, I can dare to use eyeliner.

For my browser, I want to reshape them so that their outline is framed. If my glasses fill the box, they will be straight and slanted. If the frame is round, I will make sure that the browser is denser and softer. Finally, I want to face my nose in order to make my face more meaningful. Therefore, I caught my attention. You really don't need that. A little peculiarity here and there will really change your appearance. And, if you want a striking eyeshadow palette, stick to earthy tones such as taupe, soft brown and abstract colors.

Bright and strong colors are a pleasant experience. Remember, your eye makeup is stronger and the frame looks cooler. Well, it's cute, it will be fun to try different glasses frames and makeup. Unless you try it, you will never know how scary it looks. good luck!