Jeff Bezos to Help US Gov Create The Moon Base
The wealthiest man in the earth planning on a project helping NASA create a lunar base on the moon

Jeff Bezos, The American billionaire, and the owner of Amazon online retail company, this Thursday, unveiled a prototype of a lunar lander called "BlueMoon" that will be used for the trip to the moon.

Donald Trump earlier stated in 2017 that the trip to the moon once again became one of the priorities of US space programs, and the success of sending astronauts to the moon could provide the groundwork for the success of the man-held mission to Mars.

The launch of Jeff Bezos's landing model was only a few days after US Vice President Mike Pence announced the decision of NASA to build a space platform in the orbit of the Moon, saying that it is supposed to be possible in any way by 2024 - Four years earlier than previously announced in which mission US astronauts will be stationed in the South Pole of the moon.

In response to the statement by Mike Pence, Jeff Bezos announced that his company will be able to assist NASA in implementing this timetable, especially since Mr. Bezos's team has started the work three years earlier.

Donald Tramp has repeatedly criticized Jeff Bezos, most importantly for The Washington Post newspaper. Mr. Bezos is the main owner of this newspaper, and The Washington Post has blasted to the current president many times and on various issues.

The disclosures of the publication about the murder of Saudi journalist critic Jamal Khoshaghaji and the editorial teams' sharp criticisms of Donald Trump and the Saudi government also added the tensions between Trump and Bezos.

The wealthiest man in the world and the executive director of Amazon at the presentation of the BlueMoon lander model, which was held near the White House, took around an hour. BlueMoon's empty structure will weigh approximately 3 metric tons, (15 tons when full of fuel) and will be able to transport between 3.6 and 6.5 tons of payload to the lunar surface. The autonomous lander will be capable of carrying 4 remote-controlled rovers, a vehicle for future human-carrying missions, and of course scientific instruments.

BlueMoon will be powered by a new hydrolox rocket engine called the BE-7. The New member of the Blue Origin family of engines is designed with 40 kN (10,000 lbs) thrust power to carry large loads on the moon. The motor drive is an effective combination of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. BE-7 will be launched for the first time this summer. The engine will be available for sale to other companies for space and landing applications.

With the help of this project, plans are being made to transfer satellites into the orbit of the moon, such as the transfer of cargo to the surface of the moon, the transportation of NASA astronauts or private sector adventure passengers to the Moon.