Instagram Made it Easier to Reclaim Hacked Accounts

Instagram, the social network for photo and video publishing, after a long time launched a new service to address one of the biggest problems concerning users: recovering hacked accounts.

In the new method, even if the hacker has changed the account information, users can access the account directly from the app, and if they can not connect to their account, Instagram will give them an option to enter the information related to their account (Such as email or phone number).

The process of recovering a hacked instagram account
The process of recovering a hacked instagram account - Image: Instagram

As soon as information is received, Instagram sends the verification code to the account holder. Meanwhile, Instagram suspends access of all the other devices to the stolen account so that the hacker can not receive the recovery code.

The process of recovering the account in the previous version of Instagram was ineffective because the hackers often quickly changed the email or phone number registered in the account, making it difficult for the users to reclaim it since it was almost impossible to prove their identity to the support system.

Another added Instagram service is a feature that makes it harder for hackers to sell account names.

Until recently, a number of hackers immediately after hijacking the account and changing the username tried to quickly register the original username with another account and trade the username on online forums. Since some accounts have a short or special username, there are always customers who have an interest in buying them.

Instagram now says that with new changes, the username will not be available to register for a few days. This is done to make it more difficult for hackers to succeed.

Although it is unlikely that the new protection services will be completely overcome hackers, however, it is a step forward to stop them. At least as long as they find a new way of circumventing these methods.