US Launches Cyberattack on Missile System And Iran Spy Network
CyberAttacks have became common in recent years as an alternative to military action against governments

The United States has launched a series of cyberattacks against Iran's defense systems this week, after the overthrow of the Global Hawk Inspectorate in the Strait of Hormuz. The information systems related to missile bases and Iran's spy network were the main targets of the cyber attacks.

On Thursday night, an air strike targeting three points in Iranian soil was canceled at the last minutes by Donald Trump, who according to many analysts, is still afraid of losing a large number of voters in the event of a military confrontation with Iran.

According to the Washington Post, in one of these attacks, the computers controlling Iranian missile and rocket launching system were targeted.

The other attack was held against an Iranian spy network responsible for overseeing the passage of ships from the Strait of Hormuz.

According to the Washington Post, these cyberattacks were designed weeks ago and were scheduled to be launched in response to the previous attacks against oil-carrier tankers in the Strait of Hormuz in early June.

Washington has accused Iran of being involved in the tanker blast, and Tehran has considered the charge as groundless.

These cyberattacks were reported by US sources on Friday as Iran had reported similar attacks on US critical infrastructure on Friday. Two cybersecurity companies called "CrowdStrike" and "FireEye" have said that in recent weeks, hackers allegedly working for the Iranian government, have targeted US government agencies and US economic sectors, including oil and gas companies several times.

In response to recent Washington threats, Tehran has said that any attack on Iran would have devastating consequences for American interests in the region.

Trump, who is still hoping for Iranian officials to return to the negotiation table under heavy economic pressure, said on Saturday that he had imposed new sanctions against Tehran, which will be implemented on Monday.