Now You Can Choose When to Have a Period
Having periods have no health benefit, so we might choose not to bleed.

Women can now buy supplements of the "period delay pill" branded as "norethisterone". The tablet can only be bought with a prescription from a physician. This is aimed at giving women more control over their bodies.

The pill should be taken three days before the menstruation begins to take effect. That way, your menstrual cycle will be delayed for three days. It is not suitable for women taking birth control pills.

Norethisterone is a sex hormone which is naturally released in the body and belongs to a group of hormones called progesterone. It is also used in small pills as well as birth control pills.

She adds: "Before taking any medication, one should read the brochure about it, and I always recommend that you discuss any questions or concerns with your doctor or specialist.", "This pill is not a contraceptive drug and should be used with a condom if near."

Meanwhile, Dr. Lucinda Farmer, spokeswoman for Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), says:

"While delaying menstruation may be a useful option, many of the methods used for contraception will cause conditions known as "amenorrhoea" that block menstruation. And, as a result, "no more use of 'norethisterone' is needed."

"Regular use of 'norethisterone' is not considered to affect contraceptive methods, therefore women can safely take it along with contraceptives," Farmer added.

The UK Public Health Bureau, however, says that women taking contraceptive pills should have 2 packets of them back-to-back, instead of the one week break.

The UK's Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)  says on its website that using the norethisterone pill does not affect the function of the contraceptive pills.

"If you are not sure what kind of pill you are taking, or which pill to avoid, consult your pharmacy manager, your doctor or your local birth control clinic. Avoid over-the-counter pills unless prescribed by your doctor.