Edible Flowers And Their Health Benefits

The beauty of the flowers is eye-catching, and their pleasing aroma makes them delightful. Furthermore, In many cultures, flowers are used in cooking, salads, and desserts. Here's a handful of these flowers:


Nasturtium flower is not only beautiful, but leaves of this plant and its buds are also edible and rich in vitamin C. Most parts of this plant, especially its leaves, taste like Cress, therefore they are also called Indian Cress. This flower appears in red, yellow, and orange spikes from early summer until early fall.

Elderflower (Sambucus nigra)

Various types of tea, syrup, ice cream, jelly, and even wine are produced out of this plant. A non-alcoholic beverage called "Bionade" is made out of this plant in Germany which is so popular and is under mass production.


Roses are famous for their fragrant aroma and Rosewater is used in many desserts. The delicate petals of roses can also be used with caramel and sugar.


According to traditional medicine, all parts of the violet, including leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, and petals have medicinal use. The caramelized petals can be used to decorate a cake or bring a special flavor to salads and soups.

Lawn Daisy

It is also known as "Common Daisy" as It can be found almost everywhere. Some people use Lawn Daisy to create flower necklaces. It can also be consumed in salads or even as in a sandwich with bread and cheese.

Dandelion flower

Dandelion flower leaves and petals can be used in salads and soups. Professional chefs also produce some sort of "Jelly" out of this flower. Dandelion flower's Wine is a great yet less known wine.

Pot marigold (Calendula)

Not only it has medicinal qualities but also has remedial properties and is used in hair dyes and shampoos. It used to be called "Saffron of the Poor," because in the past it was used as a food flavor for the coloring purposes.


Its blue, red, purple and white petals can be used in summer salads. This herb is from the same family as fava bean, and it also gives the salads the same kind of taste.


It is rich in vitamin C and is effective in overcoming high blood pressure. Hollyhocks tea can be consumed in hot or cold forms. Interestingly, the medicinal use of tea is also known among African tribes.

Pumpkin flowers

Not only Pumpkin itself, but its flower is also edible. Directions for more than 100 kinds of food with pumpkin flowers from different countries of the world can be easily found on the Internet.

Clove flowers

Cloves are very well known in terms of ancient medicine from two thousand years ago. Clove tea is consumed to help the body with 24 varieties of medicinal properties such as remedies to heal headache, dyspnea, and to increase your appetite.


Chamomile tea, besides having many healing properties, has long been considered thanks to its charming aroma. One of the most important properties of this tea is the strengthening of the immune system. This tea helps fight common-cold infections. It is also useful for relieving muscle cramps and menstrual cramps in women.

Dahlia flower

A decoction of dill was used to be applied to disinfect the wounds. It can also be used as a remedy for the cracks around one's lips. The flower's petals are served with a type of fish, also used in salads, and even in some English desserts.

Daisies Chives

Daisies Chives can be used to make bread, soup, and all kinds of fondue.


Not only does this plant have medicinal use, but also a great type of honey is produced by hatching hives along with lavender fields. It is widely used in foods and desserts of Italy, France, and Spain.